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More new arb equipment from Petzl

More new arb equipment from Petzl

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Arb product development never sleeps - even at Petzl!

We blogged about the new Alveo lightweight helmet from Petzl earlier in the week (perfect for arborists). Now Petzl have climbed into the throwline strorage market with the new Eclipse throwline bag and companion rope Bucket.

The Eclipse will compete directly with the Falteimer cube, the Stein cube, the Harrison Throwline bag and the Edelrid option.

The Eclipse is designed to be folded down to fit perfectly into the Bucket rope pack. It features a large opening for easy throwline storage and has a double bottom to accommodate two throwlines (similar to the Falteimer Double).

Petzl have obviously spent plenty of time with arborists researching this product - they have included two attachment points for separate throwline ends and the Eclipse has four internal pockets for Harrison Rocket storage.

We are unsure about availability and prices at this time.

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