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Monte Cecilia Park for 2013 Asia-Pacific TCC

Monte Cecilia Park for 2013 Asia-Pacific TCC

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, February 11, 2013

The Asia Pacific Tree Climbing Championship Operations Committee (through NZ Arbor) have announced Monte Cecilia Park in Hillsborough, Auckland as the venue for the 2013 Asia-Pacific TCC scheduled for Saturday 16 March (rain day Sunday 18 March).

And not before time!

Why does the ISA have to do everything the hard way - and then wonder why they get bad press? Date and venue for a International TCC event - surely that's not too difficult?

Tree climbers, all over Facebook, have been asking these questions for weeks so its great to finally have the details!

Anyway, 'nuff said.

NZ Arbor posted the information today… with the Asia-Pacific TCC flyer 'coming soon'… and that's all Treetools can tell you at this stage.

We can however pass comment on the trees in Monte Cecilia Park.

Monte Cecilia is an excellent location for the Asia-Pacific TCC.

The park was last used by Matt Glen for his Open Masters back in December 2011 - see previous post here.

As you can see from the map in Matt's post there are multiple entry points to the park - lets hope the organising committee give us good directions… or you could be in for a long walk!

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