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MkII for the Pro Climb Rigging Bollard

MkII for the Pro Climb Rigging Bollard

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Pro Climb's objective in designing the original PCRB was to make a rigging bollard, that was robust, easy to install and simple to use for grounds staff. The first PCRB's (Pro Climb Rigging Bollard) lived up to expectations and were extremely popular with arborists looking for an easier-to-use alternative to the Port-A-Wrap.

Over the last year, Rossy Ross from Pro Climb has spent a lot of time with PCRB customers, listening to their feedback and working with ground staff and climbers, constantly looking for ways to improve on the design. The new PCRB II is now available and it has a number of small improvements over the original.

Most notable on the new model is the shortened bollard barrel. The barrel only needed to accommodate four wraps of 20mm Stablebraid to work effectively (the unit can still accommodate five wraps of 28mm, 3-strand rope) so any extra length became redundant and was subsequently removed. This change makes the new PCRB appear much smaller than the original. The top, front pin on the barrel has also been shortened so that rope can the 'flicked' off the bollard with ease.

To ensure the bottom strap stays in place under extreme loads Pro Climb have added a plate below the barrel on the base plate for the strap to slide through, securing it in place. On the original PCRB, the rope guide pins were in the form of a hook but this is changed on the MkII into a straight pin for easier rope installation and removal.

The galvanized 'finish' on the PCRB MkII is much smoother than the original making it a bit gentler on the rigging rope.

These improvements to the PCRB demonstrate Pro Climb's commitment to producing a well designed, practical bollard for New Zealand arborists.

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