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Milverton Park makes excellent venue for Open Masters Challenge

Milverton Park makes excellent venue for Open Masters Challenge

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, April 11, 2012

First we had the gem of a park in Masterton for the 2011 Nationals and now Central Districts (tree climbers) have discovered Milverton Park in Palmerston North.

Milverton Park would make an excellent venue for a Regional TCC event - not to mention a National Tree Climbing Comp at some time inthe future! Technically speaking Milverton Park is in the Wellington Region but we are sure the regional TCC rules do not stipulate the event must be held in the capital city.

The tree chosen for the Central Districts Easter Monday Open Masters Challenge has heritage status with the Palmerston North District Council but that did not appear to be a problem. The park's central location to food and coffee, the kids playground, toilet facilities etc all add real value for tree climbers.

The Open Masters Challenge is not really about winning but event co-organizer and woman's world footlock record holder Nicky Ward-Allen, scored the highest points on the day. Nicky was closely followed by Wanganui's Clay Winter. All competitors received spot prizes supplied by Treetools.

Clay had a little bit of bad luck with his knot tying early on in the event and paid the ultimate price by timing out. He completed all stations with plenty of time to spare.

In true James Kilpatrick style Clay even had time to install an additional throwline to 'catch' his pulley saver on retrieval.

Unfortunately, the butterfly knot used on the access line rolled in on itself and cinched up tight at the anchor point. Eventually the clock passed time-out and it required the weight of two climbers to free the knot, burning through the Samson Velocity access line in the process.

The first knot tied was the last to come undone! Hard luck Clay - but good training for the Asia-Pacific Regional TCC later in the month.

Photographs taken at the Milverton Park Open Masters Challenge on Easter Monday are now available on Flickr - please help yourself but do us the courtesyof referencing Treetools as the source.

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