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Matt Glen's Open Masters Challenge gathers momentum

Matt Glen's Open Masters Challenge gathers momentum

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Prominent Auckland tree climber, Matt Glen started the Open Masters Challenge in 2009 in a effort to get climbers prepared for the 'competitive' nature of the Regional and National Tree Climbing comps - see NZAA Top 20 climber rankings - Matt Glen is consistently in the Top 5 NZ tree climbers.

As it turns out Matt's Open Masters Challenge has developed into a 'laid-back' affair were climbers can try out new equipment, mingling and sharing ideas with other tree climbers, whether working arborists or recreational tree climbers. The Open Masters are well wroth attending if you are interested at all in tree climbing.

Matt has another Open Masters Challenge planned for Saturday 30 October starting at 10:00am and it is already generating plenty of interest in the tree climbing community. The event will be held in the London Planes next to Wendy's Restaurant on Mt Wellington Highway.

The October 30 Open Masters Challenge will be the last 'unofficial' tree climbing event before the National TCC at Ellerslie on 11-12 November. Also check out Jerry Lynch's Exhibition Climbing Comp in Dunedin .

Make the time available and get along the the Open Masters Challenge - check out alternative SRT set-ups, retrievable re-directs, try footlocking on Globe 5000, or just spend time talking with the climbers and see what you can learn - it will be well worth your time and effort.

Treescape Auckland climber, Tony Bennett readying himself for a big jump at a previous Open Masters Challenge in Cornwall Park, Auckland - Tony now climbs on a Unicender.

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