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Masters event planned for 2012 Auckland Regional TCC

Masters event planned for 2012 Auckland Regional TCC

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2012 Auckland Regional TCC chief cook and bottle wash, Craig Webb says, if time permits, a Masters climb will follow the preliminaries scheduled for Saturday.

This is a good move! Many climbers do not get to experience a Masters climb, under a little bit of pressure, short of qualifying at the Nationals.

Gear check gets started about 7:30 am in Western Park, Ponsonby (the coffee truck will be on hand courtesy of Treetools). The first climb should get underway about 9:00am if all goes according to plan. There will be BBQ and beers to close the day.

There is plenty of parking to be found in the side streets leading into the Western Park - see map below.

The weather may be the biggest stumbling block - the forecast is not looking too flash for Saturday, but hey, this is Auckland, you never know how it will pan out on the day!

If you have not already registered you will need to pull your finger out - NO WALK UPS (will be accepted) ON THE DAY.

If you are not climbing but can lend a hand on the day get hold of Craig via email:

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