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Lessons from the rigging master - Reg Coates

Lessons from the rigging master - Reg Coates

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, December 11, 2009

Rigging is one of the more technical aspects of arboriculture and Reg Coates is considered a world master. Reg is the designer of the Stein RC-3002dual bollard and the video below shows Reg and the dual in action.

Treetools has the RC-3002 on display and it attracts plenty of attention. Most ask:what do I use it for? Or… how does it work? The more cynical amongst us might argue "If you have to ask the question - then you obviously don'tneed one!" but we consider it a reasonable request. Technical rigging is not common in New Zealand but it is becoming more so as our urban environmentages. Tree close to houses, schools or commercial buildings need to be dismantled rather than 'dropped on the road' as one customer put it.

Treetools and Pro Climb are planning a demonstration of the Dual and the GRCS sometime in the new year to give people some idea of the the capabilities(and limitations) of this kind of arborist equipment.

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