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Legends Tour excites competition tree climbers

Legends Tour excites competition tree climbers

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spending a few hours, one-on-one, with the world champion is a dream most competitive tree climbers would give their eye teeth for! Thanks to Treetools they don't have to go that far!

Current world champion tree climber, Scott Forrest is currently touring the central North Island, sponsored by Treetools, visiting small groups of competitive tree climbers to pass on a few trade secrets.

Scott is also demonstrating Donaghys new Cougar Blue climbing line as well as drumming up support for his newly formed, Legends Foundation.

WEL Networks in Hamilton were the first to experience the "legend' (as Joe Harris would say). WEL have a team of four climbers representing the company in the NZ Regional Tree Climbing Competitions.

In a show of appreciation for Scott's effort WEL made a generous donation to the Legends Foundation (it appears Scott can be a very persuasive legend).

Mason Walker from the Taupo District Council got a few tips from Scott today in Taupo. Scott will travel to Taranaki overnight for a climb with the boys from Brendon Bellamy's Tricky Tree Services tomorrow.

Taranaki resident, and current womans world foot lock record holder Nicky Ward-Allen might join the competition climbers for a training session.

Scott's 'Legends Foundation' is administered by Neal Harding (husband to Nicky) so no doubt there will be plenty of talk about this exciting new project.

On that front, Treetools has agreed to sponsor the development of the Legends Foundation website.

A web presence will provide media opportunities for Legends Foundation sponsors and contributors.

The website also provides a vehicle to demonstrate how the funds are dispersed to kiwi tree climbing competitors.

Treetools and WEL Networks are inaugural contributors to Scott's foundation - the first of many we are sure.

Scott 'the Legend' Forrest in full flight on Monday afternoon with one of the WEL Networks team in Parana Park, Hamilton.

Scott Forrest

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