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Latest edition of Hitch Climbers' Guide to the Canopy

Latest edition of Hitch Climbers' Guide to the Canopy

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, August 14, 2009

Chris Cowell from Treemagineers dropped Treetools a note this morning to say a new edition of the Hitch Climbers' Guide to the Canopy was available for download. We have revised the DMM Hitch Climber page to make things easier - it is now linked direct to the Treemagineers website so the latest edition is always available for Treetools customers.

Note the mention of the DMM Ultra O and Tachyon as well as the DMM Hitch Climber - all popular products with Treetools customers. New Zealand made Donahys Armor-Prus is a common substitute for Ocean Polyester - according to the arb forums there is some history between Teufelberger and Donahys re the development of Ocean Polyester (but don't quote me on that). Download your copy now - it's probably the best guide we have seen.

On the Treemagineers front,rumor has it that Mark Bridge may be in New Zealand next year to conduct a series of 2-day training courses - keep your eye on the NZ Arb Association website- if anyone knows they will.

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