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Largest ITCC field ever - (almost) overwhlems event organizers

Largest ITCC field ever - (almost) overwhlems event organizers

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, July 15, 2011

There are over 60 climbers in next weekends ITCC event in Parramata. A competitor field of that size will be very difficult to manage.

In anticipation of high competitor numbers, the 2011 ITCC organizing committee called for helpers late last month. Plenty of kiwis stepped up to the plate but unfortunately, the ITCC rules stipulate that only a certain number of judges can be from any given chapter… so the 'kiwi' effect is somewhat limited.

As a further complication, the Parramata park in which the event is scheduled has noise restrictions effective up until 9:00am Sunday morning so there can be no early start.

To help get around these issues the ITCC will now start at 1:30pm on Friday afternoon, 22 July (instead of Saturday morning) and will continue through until Sunday afternoon.

It would be a bit of a bugger if you traveled all the way to the bottom of the world and didn't get a chance to climb!

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