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Lanyard management goes hi-tech (kind of)

Lanyard management goes hi-tech (kind of)

Richard Tregoweth - Sunday, April 17, 2011

Open Masters and Fancy Dress TCC organizer, Matt Glen is not resting on his laurels while working is Australia - improving the lot of the tree climber is very much on his mind.

Not content with clipping and un-clipping his lanyard Matt has devised a system to keep his lanyard always at hand, ready to go. By bolting a heavy-duty $10.00 magnet (87kg pull) to his harness and crimping a steel ferrule onto the carabiner end of his lanyard, Matt has a very simple way of securing the lanyard in place when it's not in use. 

A Velcro attachment may work just as well but it would still be a bit fiddly compared to the magnet concept - wave the lanyard in the general direction and 'snap' - it's secured in position.

Have a look at the pictures below and you'll get the idea. Images 1 and 2 show the placement of the magnet on the harness from different angles, 3 showed the steel ferrule on the lanyard end and 4 shows the lanyard in position.

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