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Labour Weekend Arboriculture Festival

Labour Weekend Arboriculture Festival

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, July 30, 2010

Jerry Lynch from Otago Polytech Arb School has posted the flyer for the upcoming Labour Weekend Arboriculture Festival in Dunedin. See previous blog and details for the event on Treetools. The NZAA website lists all the official information.

It's probably a good idea to get your flights booked soonish if you are planning to attend this event. It appears Air NZ morning flights to Dunedin are the cheapest at this point.

Apart from the Otago Polytech climbing competition and exhibition (and arb ball) the Dunedin Arb Festival features a splicing 'workshop/symposium' for experienced splicers. The use of splices, and who splices ropes for tree climbing is a worldwide issue so this will be an important meeting for the tree climbing industry. If you are at all interested in the future direction of splicing and the use of use of splices in tree climbing, make sure you book early - spots will be limited.

Some splicers are getting prepared for the Dunedin event already. Rossy Ross from Pro Climb is pictured below picking up some tips and tricks for splicing Samson Stablebraid from Samson's head splicer Fred Jeanes in Tauranga.

Sponsors of the Labour Weekend Arboriculture Festival include the NZAA , Otago Polytech and NZHITO

Rossy Ross and Fred Jeanes splicing Samson rope in Tauranga

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