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Kong Duck emergency belay

Kong Duck emergency belay

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, December 21, 2009

The Kong Duck is a new emergency belay device designed for use on single ropes 8-13 mm in diameter. The Duck is the only belay device we know of that also works on slings 10-15 mm in width. This is a very small unit - similar in size to the Wild Country Ropeman. Unlike the Ropeman which uses the bar of a carabiner to clamp the rope, the Duck has a sleeved hole - the cam teeth are far less aggressive as well. The Duck can be loaded mid rope and will work as a chest attachment in conjunction with the super-light Kong Futura System.

Every climber who has visited the Treetools store over the lastweek has found a use for the Duck in their system. We have seen pictures of a one being used in on a home-made rope saver similar to the mechanicaldevice on the ART Primus. The retrieval line is attached to the beak of the Duck so that the cam can be released from the ground and the ART Cocoon isconnected via a D-shackle through the large hole. The small streamlined size of the Duck makes it ideal for this application. That's not to say it wasdesigned for this kind of use!

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