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Knot tail lengths monitored during Regional TCC gear check

Knot tail lengths monitored during Regional TCC gear check

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, September 04, 2010

Watch the length of the 'tail' protruding from your tie-in or friction hitch knot. That's the message from NZ National TCC Coordinator, Marlies Laser at last weekends Waikato TCC Workshop in Hamilton.

There is no hard and fast rule, but general consensus suggests the length of the tail should be about ten times the diameter of the rope where the knot is already tightened. The 'looser' the knot is set, the longer the tail required.

Having been involved in a number of knot destruction tests, it is quite surprising to see how much of the tail actually gets 'sucked' into the knot when it is under load.

The gear checkers at next weekends Waikato/BoP Regional TCC (Hamilton Lake Domain) are bound to be on the look-out for short tails on your knots - come prepared!

Marlies Laser demonstrating knot tail length requirements at the Waikato TCC Workshop, Saturday 28 October, Steele Park, Hamilton East.

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