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Kiwi tree climbers impatient for the DMM Pinto Rig spacers

Kiwi tree climbers impatient for the DMM Pinto Rig spacers

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, March 04, 2011

Kiwi owners of the new Pinto Rig are not prepared to wait for DMM to supply the spacers for the new Pinto Rig pulleys - so it's out to the shed we go! Treetools has already seen a couple of New Zealand variations of the spacer this week alone. One was milled from hard nylon and the other beautifully crafted from an aluminum rod.

The spacer is designed to stop the fixed side plates of the Pinto Rig from flexing together in the event of a sudden load. It is only applicable when rope is threaded directly through the two top hole attachment points.

The spacer is also shaped to correspond with the pulley sheave. The resulting 'hole' between the spacer and the sheave, will accommodate a 20mm retrievalcherry to pass through the pulley if it is used attached to a friction saver.

Apparently, NZAA Top 20 No.1 Scott Forrest has devised an access line which includes a PintoRig mid-line; one leg is attached to the top holes of the Pinto and one leg to the bottom becket. We'll publish more information on Scott's configurationwhen more comes to hand.

(Inset) Pinto Rig with a nylon spacer and the main picture shows the aluminum version (neither option is commercially available).

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