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Jord's plans mainstream sports coverage for tree climbing

Jord's plans mainstream sports coverage for tree climbing

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, February 15, 2011

West Australian tree climber and now Singapore resident Jordan Glossop, famous for Jord's Tree Climbing Corner on Facebook has launched a new website on for an organization titled iClimb .

According to the vision statement for the new site, iClimb intends to make tree climbing, particularly in the Asia-pacific Region, as mainstream as "horticulture, rock climbing and caving".

iClimb Inc. looks to be the commercial arm of the operation, providing services for everything from tree pruning to the organization and management of tree climbing events.

But… it's the 'Under Construction' Events page on the new iClimb site where you'll find some real nuggets.

Jords outlines a exhibition tournament concept titled 'Climb with Style Jam'. It will combine two well-known ISA events; the Work Climb and the Speed Climb into one newly formatted competition event designed to attract mainstream sport sponsorship and media coverage - very ambitious indeed!

Keep your eye on this one!

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