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Joe Harris (Aus) sets benchmark for contract climber websites

Joe Harris (Aus) sets benchmark for contract climber websites

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, February 19, 2011

Australian contract climber and VTIO lead 'author' has set the bar very high indeed for contract climber websites.

Click on the link to view Joe's recently launched site: Into Trees. His blog is bound to be worth following!

Joe is well known for his work with VTIO in the development of Victorian organizations informative PDF downloads .

There is a general consensus that Joe should author an updated book, styled on Jeff Jepson's classic The Tree Climber's Companion - Joe claims his writing of a book can be attributed to tree climbing 'urban myth'. Regardless the rumor-mill Joe would be well qualified to complete such a task.

As far as contract climbing goes, Into Trees is a mobile service. Joe, along with a group of (as yet un-named) climbers plan to move along the coast of Australia providing tree climbing services as they go. The Into Tree website is designed to keep everyone in touch with their current location so that arb companies can order up a tree climbing job as needed.

This is a unique concept in terms of public involvement and is bound to be copied by other contract tree climbers in an effort to broaden their customer base.

Watch this space!

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