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Jerry Lynch to trial Wolf Claws

Jerry Lynch to trial Wolf Claws

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jerry Lynch, senior arboriculture lecturer at Otago Polytechnic is trialling a pair of Wolf Claw climbers from Treetools.

Jerry is well known and respected for his work in the NZ arb industry. Rob Douglas, winner of the of this years New Zealand Arboricultural Association Ron Flook Award, recognized Jerry in his award presentation speech for his work with the North Otago memorial oaks scheme. Jerry also features in many web videos relating to arboriculture training - anything from chainsaw maintenance to tree removal.

The Wolf Claw climbing boot harness attractedplenty of attention at the NZ Arb Conference Trade Show. Wolf Claws were designed to overcome two specifc issues associated with traditional climbing spurs:the 'turning force' exerted on the leg by the one-sided gaff holder and excess pressure on the small area just below the knee from the pads. They havebecome very popular with arborists in the USA who have aches and pains as a legacy of long-term climber use or other unrelated injuries that make wearingspurs uncomfortable.

Jerry is the perfect specimen! He has all the aches and pains from long-term climbing spur use as well as injuries from a previous motorcycle accident.He though he might not climb again in spurs until he saw the Wolf Claws at the show. If you want to find out how they perform I'm sure Jerry will be happyto oblige.

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