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Jawand Ngau Chun wins 2010 Auckland Regional TCC

Jawand Ngau Chun wins 2010 Auckland Regional TCC

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, March 20, 2010

Auckland will have a team of eight representatives in the 2010 NZAA/Stihl NZ National TCC scheduled for sometime in November. Jawand Ngua Chun was overall leader but there were some very close point scores between the top climbers.

In some events the scores were equal on points so event time became the deciding factor for final placings, which reflects the consistent high caliber of today's climbers.

1) Jawand Ngau Chun 154.97
2) Drew Bristow 154.74
3) Johno Smith 153.95
4) Matt Glen 144.26
5) David Stejskal 135.94
6) Zane Wedding 127.57
7) Dale Thomas 121.27
8) Tumai Layborne 114.73

Apparently Dale Thomas will not be able to attend the 2010 NZ National TCC event so this means Poli Liu will also go though to the nationals.

More photographs and videos to follow over the next few days.

Well done Auckland tree climbers - an excellent day!

Jawand Ngau Chun, work climb 2010 Auckland Regional TCC

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