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Japanese tree work with Tree Climbing Japan

Japanese tree work with Tree Climbing Japan

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Treetools blog has a high readership in Japan - for which we are very honored. Have a look at what is happening tree-wise in Japan.

The video linksshow the removal of a Camphor tree from the grounds of a 700 year old Japanese temple and Buddhist Deity in the mountains of Seto, just outside the cityof Nagoya.

This was a volunteer project, hence the number of workers. Note the reverence paid to the tree in the Part 1 video. Also note the use of the Stein loweringdevices in Part 2.

Tree Climbing Japan, led the Dr John Gathright, is putting Japanese tree climbers well and truly on the world arb map - expect to hear more about theseguys over the coming months!

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