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Jameson arborist tools in New Zealand

Jameson arborist tools in New Zealand

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Jameson range of professional arborist tools, including pole saws, pole pruners, the Big Shot and bucket mounted tool holders are now available in New Zealand. Treetools will list the Big Shot next week.

Jameson poles are popular with arborists worldwide, particularly in the US, due to their fibreglass construction. The poles are available with both hollow and foam cores. But, as noted in a previous blog, don't assume, because they are foam filled fibreglass, the Jameson poles can be used as a true 'hot-stick' for line clearance work around live lines, transformers and switches.

Jameson says the JE Series foam filled poles are made to the same OSHA standard and the certification on each pole states they reach the OSHA Sub Part V Section 1926 951 (D) hot-line tool standard.

According to Jameson this means the pole will not conduct electricity to the user if the pole accidently hits a live line while trimming trees, assuming the user is following all the relevant safety regulations. The JE Series poles are tested to 100KV per foot for five minutes.

Silky are working on a poled saw, similar to Jameson, called the Todoku. It has a hollow core like the FG Series Jameson poles. Treetools has a prototype sample of this exciting new saw if you want to check it out.

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