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James Kilpatrick endorses Donaghys Cougar Blue

James Kilpatrick endorses Donaghys Cougar Blue

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, May 21, 2012

When asked by Jordan Glossop of iClimbinc in a recent interview what his current all-round favorite climbing line was, three times Asia-Pacific TCC winner James Kilpatrick answered "Donaghys Cougar Blue".

Endorsement by one of the world's leading tree climbers (and the men's world foot lock record holder) is high praise indeed for this new rope from Donaghys.

Cougar Blue is based on the existing 11mm 'Cougar' rope manufactured by New Zealand-based company, Donaghys.

Braiding 'tweaks', under the direction of Australian tree climber Grant Cody and current world champion Scott Forrest have resulted in a climbing line rapidly gaining favor with tree climbers all over the world.

Donaghys are a relatively small rope manufacturer by world standards, not unlike the size of the NZ tree climbing community - and yet both punch well above their weight on the world stage.

Treetools New Zealand is the exclusive distributor of Cougar Blue in this country.

10% of all sales through Treetools goes directly to the Scott Forrest Legends Foundation, a funding mechanism for New Zealand tree climbers competing internationally, of which James is one.

Thanks for the endorsement James - much appreciated!

James Kilpatrick on Cougar Blue

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