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Introduction to Tree Climbing in Cornwall Park, Auckland

Introduction to Tree Climbing in Cornwall Park, Auckland

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Arb training organization, Thought Planters are holding a 2-day "Introduction to Tree Climbing" Course in Cornwall Park on Monday and Tuesday of next week (21-22 February, 2011).

Led by Bay of Plenty tree climber and arborist, Andy Neverman , the course covers two Arboriculture Assessment Standards: Use of Climbing Equipment for Arboriculture (Level 3 Unit Standard 17256) and Climb a Well Branched Tree (Level 4 Unit Standard 2767 ). 

Andy says attendees will learn about health and safety requirements, the tying of knots, a comprehensive review of tree climbing equipment, tree climbing itself and how to perform an aerial rescue.

Spaces are limited so you will need to get in quick if you want to attend - contact Andy Neverman direct:

Thought Planter Andy Neverman, pictured above competing in the 3-strand prussic tree climbing competition organized by the NTCA in January.

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