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International judging for 2011 Treephoto Competition

International judging for 2011 Treephoto Competition

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The final results for the 2011 Treephoto Competition are to be announced soon. The 2011 Treephoto judging panel is truly international. Competition organizers Joe Harris and Jeremie Thomas should be congratulated on bringing together such a widely dispersed group, glued together by a passion for tree climbing.

The international Treephoto Competition judges are as follows:

The Sponsors:
Hubert Kowalewski (Germany) from ART
Johannes Bilharz (Germany) from Freeworker
Alex Whitt (Australia) from Atraes
John Canning (Australia) from Atraes
Richard Tregoweth (New Zealand) from Treetools

The Organizers:
Joe Harris (Australia)
Jérémie Thomas (France)

Some amateur photographers:
Kester Harris (England)
Emilie Banderier (France)

And… some respectable, good looking arborists:
Mark Chisholm (USA)
Damien Bertin (France)
Richard Hattier (USA)
Tom Greenwood (Australia)

Treetools will post the results as soon as they are available.

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