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International interest in 2011 Treephoto competition

International interest in 2011 Treephoto competition

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, August 12, 2011

After a rocky start back in the May the 2011 Treephoto competition is in its last weeks (hint, hint - to be in to win you must submit your photographs before September 1).

The Treephoto competition is the brainchild of Joe Harris and Jeremie Thomas, borne after too many nights on the road during the "Let this one Run' great Australian road trip. 

The quantity and quality of photographs submitted so far is quite outstanding - the judges will have their work cut out.

Some of the pics are highly artistic and others are more your 'box brownie' style shots (for younger readers a 'box brownie' refers to the Kodak Brownie 'point and click' camera commonly used before digital).

Another interesting phenomenon is the range of nationalities involved in the competition - truly international, which is good to see.

Visit Jeremie's Mt Arborist website and spend a few minutes looking through the photographs submitted so far. Then check through your album and add a few of your own.

One of the more artistic 2011 Treephotos submitted by Geoffrey Devautour (France).

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