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Inside information regarding Taranaki Open Aerial Rescue

Inside information regarding Taranaki Open Aerial Rescue

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, February 02, 2012

Knowledge is power… so they say!

Neal Harding, co-organizer of this weekends Taranaki Open, has uploaded the Aerial Rescue scenario onto facebook to allow climbers plenty of time to plan their rescue attempt.

The injured climber in the rescue scenario is a chap named James and he's blathering on about loosing is passport (there is another Jimmy very well known to kiwi climbers who happens to be looking for his passport on facebook - perhaps it's the same guy?)

Anyway, we digress.

Publishing the aerial rescue scenario before the event is an excellent way of getting climbers (and their workmates) to think about possible solutions. Of course, Neal is not really giving much away because competitors have not yet seen the tree.

The Taranaki Open includes all tree climbing competition events: aerial rescue, foot lock, speed climb, work climb and throwline and is open to all climbers regardless of region.

Gear check starts at 9:00am with competition climbing getting underway about 10:00am. Lunch is provided and a bbq is planned for the evening.

There are major cash prizes from local Taranaki arb company Tricky Tree Specialists to be won and other random spot prizes from New Zealand rope splicers DB Tree and Treetools.

Pro Climb have donated the use of their GRCS for lifting 'James' in the aerial rescue.

Nicky and Neal have also managed to secure Blu-Ray copies of John Kilpatricks fantastic tree climbing movies which include the 2011 Asia-Pacific Regional TCC, the Worlds in Parramata and the nationals in Masterton. Viewings are planned apr├ęs climb on Saturday.

The meeting place and start time for Sunday's mountain climb will be sorted out on Saturday.

Accommodation spots are still available at the Stratford Top Town Holiday Park on Page Street.

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