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Important announcement from ITCC: to those less informed!

Important announcement from ITCC: to those less informed!

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, February 25, 2012

Talk about a public relations nightmare! The ITCC Safety and Advisories department seems to have an uncanny knack for stuffing things up!

Every tree climbing innovator needs to download this latest 'Statement' from the ITCC.

Among other more important topics the ITCC Statement says: "To allow underserved pressure (we think the authors are trying to say undeserved pressure (on the Technical Advisory Committee) from those less informed to guide the decision making process would be irresponsible if not negligent".

By inference 'those less informed' are everyday but well-respected tree climbers asking why innovation is being stifled by the ITCC Technical Advisory Committee, in particular the use of the Rope Wrench in tree climbing competitions.

"Any further feedback that is not generated in a cooperative manner may not be heard…" Treetools is not sure what being 'un' cooperative means but the author(s) are probably referring to forum discussion like that currently on Tree Buzz.

Ordinarily the ITCC Safety and Advisories department would be correct in acting with caution regarding topics discussed on a web forum.

However, considering the far-reaching nature of this subject, and the stature of those calling for action, a prudent arbitrator might make an exception to the rule.

The very reason the topic is being openly discussed on the Tree Buzz Forum suggests a complete loss of faith in ITCC protocol - surely the international tree climbing community can do better than this!

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