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ITCC Rule changes for 2010

ITCC Rule changes for 2010

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, March 10, 2010

With all the tree climbing comp activity scheduled for March its timely to review the latest ITCC rule changes.

Nicky Ward-Allen, New Zealand Womens 2009 TCC representative and current women's world footlock record holder has been reading the rule book and has this to say:

"The big changes are in the throwline and the belayed speed climb. The throwline is now worth 30 points (instead of 20), with an extratarget on each side, and a change to the bonus points system. The belayed speed climb scoring has changed to slower climbers losing only one point forevery two seconds that they are slower than the fastest time. Other changes are minor…"

 Thanks Nicky for the head-up!

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