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ITCC Caution Notice withdrawn?

ITCC Caution Notice withdrawn?

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Caution Notice regarding ascent techniques posted late April on the ITCC website has been withdrawn (or least it has disappeared from the link).

The announcement of the Caution Notice caused a flurry of debate at the time as climbers tried to get their heads around the significance of the statement.

As a direct consequence, Treetools noticed the use of DMM and Petzl 'zip-absorbers' in various systems at the 2010 ISAAC TCC in Adelaide mid-May and a number of prominent New Zealand climbers have also built the 'zip-absorber' into their SRT tree access set-ups.

We believe the Caution Notice was directed more at foot locking on super-static dyneema core ropes rather than SRT systems per se.

Nicky Ward-Allen broke the women's world foot lock record at the 2010 Asia Pacific TCC climbing on the dyneema core Globe 5000 rope - perhaps the record 14.44 second climb drew attention to the type of rope being used - a European rope and a kiwi climber - bound to be a controversial combination!

Politics aside, the Caution Notice has been withdrawn for the moment - we'll post more information when we it comes to hand.

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