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ISC triple-action snaps now available

ISC triple-action snaps now available

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, March 12, 2010

The new triple-action snap, from ISC Wales, sanctioned by the ITCC , is now available from Treetools for those of you who have missed having a snap on your lanyard.

Most climbers have found the first attempt at opening the ISC SH903 triple-action snapa little disconcerting but after a few goes it becomes more intuitive. Your middle finger releases the bottom lock while the base of your thumb rests on the top lock leaving your index finger to open the gate.

As with all snaps there is a tendency for climbers to open the gate by tapping it against their harness side D. This is not a problem in itself but you must do a visual check to ensure the snap has attached correctly to the D, with the gate fully closed, before you load your lanyard.

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