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ISC extends popular triple-action snap hook range

ISC extends popular triple-action snap hook range

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, November 30, 2011

ISC Wales have taken the triple-action snap hook to the next level by adding a swivel eye as the base connector, similar in style to the current ISC Twister.

The ISC triple-action snap was the first of the 'new generation' snap hooks to enter the market following the ETCC restriction on the use of double-locking snap hooks. By 2010 double-acting snap hooks were banned from tree climbing competitions altogether.

The swivel on the ISC SH905 triple-action snap hook allows for easier management of wire core lanyards particularly the 8mm core New Zealand made versions. The core diameter makes the lanyard very stiff and sometimes difficult to rotate with the standard SH903 snap hook.

The 6mm core US-made lanyard options are slightly more flexible to handle, making the need for the swivel less apparent.

The new ISC triple-action snap with swivel should be available from Treetools in the New Year.


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