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IMPORTANT DATES for tree climbers

IMPORTANT DATES for tree climbers

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, December 10, 2009

If you are into the tree climbing comps set aside the weekend of March 20/21, 2010 for the Auckland TCC and the Asia Pacific TCC the next day. The venue is not confirmed as yet but plenty of tree climbing action is on the drawing board - kids climbing, a session for arb practitioners, a head-to-head footlock event, a seniors climbing event, a world record footlock attempt and more!

Qualifiers for the Asia Pacific TCC are the 2nd and 3rd NationalMasters placings for New Zealand, Australia and Asia. They will compete in a 'Masters' style competition for a position in the ITCC, scheduled for Chicago,USA, July 23/24, 2010. That means Jawand Nga Chun and Jimmy Kilpatrick will have another chance to make the big event. Rumor has it Jimmy maynot be in the country at the time so Andy Neverman as 4th placing in the NZ Masters may also get the opportunity to compete for a position to representNew Zealand.

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