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Husky takes on NZ TCC sponsorship

Husky takes on NZ TCC sponsorship

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The NZAA, through their house publication Tree Matters, have announced landscaping and groundcare equipment supplier Husqvarna New Zealand as the principle sponsor for the New Zealand Tree Climbing Competitions, presumably taking over the position long held by Stihl NZ.

Husky have played second fiddle to Stihl (at least in the New Zealand arb market) for some time so this is likely to be a strategic move on the companies behalf - get more involved with tree climbing community and through them, the wider arboriculture market. 

And… let's hope Husqvarna really do get involved in tree climbing!

Having attended plenty of tree climbing comps around the country over the last few years, as principal sponsor, Stihl dealers were noticeable by their absence (apart from Auckland where a real personal effort was made to be involved).

Husqvarna now have the opportunity to stamp their brand on one of New Zealand's up-and-coming 'sports' which happens to be directly related to one of their primary markets.

The TCC sponsorship could serve Husqvarna New Zealand well into the future, particularly if they do a little more than put up a few token banners at tree climbing events… only time will tell.

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