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'How to' for Treemagineers/DMM Rigging Hubs

'How to' for Treemagineers/DMM Rigging Hubs

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, October 15, 2011

Back in December 2010 Treetools suggested the Treemagineers/DMM rigging hubs would suffer a little in the market without some form of product education. In the NZ arb market at least, Treetools prediction has proved to be correct - product education is indeed required.

After almost a year, an educational video demonstrating the DMM Rigging Hubs, (both large and small ) has finally been produced by US-based, Treemagineers promoter Taylor Hamel.

DMM fans will be familiar with Taylor's voice-over and production style following his previous success with Treemagineers product videos.

Since the launch of the DMM Rigging Hub kiwi owners have dreamed up plenty of interesting configurations but they have kept the secrets pretty much to themselves.

Now, Taylor is making these 'secrets' accessible to the wider arb market - thanks mate, we appreciate the effort!

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