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High praise for Stein pre-tension pulley

High praise for Stein pre-tension pulley

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Stein RC-3100 pre-tension pulley attracted plenty of attention at last weeks rigging demo. There are only two of these devices in the country - one is being used by Rossy Ross of Pro Climb and the other by Andy Neverman (currently training in Singapore).

As expected, observers make an immediate comparison between the use of a standard swing sided pulley and the RC-3100 device. The end result is the samebut the RC-3100 is designed specifically for the job.

Its the small things that make all the difference. For example, the deep gully on the RC-3100 sheave keeps the rope in place as the pulley nears the loweringdevice. And, the RC-3100 is designed to be loaded on one side without the need for an additional swing plate or attaching carabiner making it much easierto install.

For some high praise of the RC-3100 read the comment made by Jim Ackerman of Bartlett Tree Experts  in the United States as postedby Reg Coates on Arb Talk. Treetools will have the Stein RC-3100 available for general sale mid February.

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