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Help required for Dunedin Arb Festival TCC

Help required for Dunedin Arb Festival TCC

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jerry Lynch is calling for helpers to provide support during the Dunedin Arb Festival Exhibition TCC. According to Jerry "even if you are fat, broken, blind and half witted, I am sure we can find a job for you…"

All jokes aside, it's the volunteer help who make the regional and national tree climbing events function as smoothly as they do. If you visit the various TCC events around the country (including the Open Masters) you'll find people who often have taken time off work to help prepare the trees and surrounding areas as well as committing to a full day of work, judging, score keeping and handling associated activities.

Of course, Jerry Lynch can afford to give volunteers stick because he is one himself! Without Jerry, the Dunedin Labour Weekend Arb Festival may not have got off the ground.

If you can find the time to help out in Dunedin give Jerry a call or drop him an email.

Mob: 021 735 575
After Hours: 03 465 2340

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Sponsors of the Labour Weekend Arboriculture Festival include the NZAA, Otago Polytech and NZHITO.

Volunteer help makes the tree climbing events happen!

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