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Hard Head felling wedges due soon

Hard Head felling wedges due soon

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How much innovation can go into the humble felling wedge? Quite a bit apparently.

The Windor wedge, in its various forms, is standard issue for New Zealand arb companies. Windsor's dominate market position is due to price and availability, but they do not suit every application.

Recently Treetools introduced the high-lift Ochsenkopf Alu Wedge and the Rattlewedge. The Ochsenkopf has sold particularly well, specifically with arborists who have European work experience where this style of high-lift wedge is more common.

Now, kiwi arborists (and foresters) have yet another felling wedge option: the Hard Head from the USA.

As the name suggests, the Hard Head felling wedge has a machined steel 'hard head'. The hard metal insert covers the driving end of the wedge and extends down into the wedge itself. The bulk of the wedge is still ABS plastic so there are no worries with the saw blade.

The steel insert is designed to reduce the mushrooming effect typical of hard-plastic wedges especially when they are used with a steel-faced hammer. The ABS surface of the wedge is textured to stop it popping out of the cut inadvertently.

In the USA the Hard Head felling wedge is considered the most robust wedge on the market. The Hard Head is available in 7.5, 10 and 12 inch sizes. The 10 inch wedge has a lift of 1.5 inches - the highest lift you'll probably find for this style of wedge.

Treetools should have all three sizes of the Hard Head available for sale by the end of the week.

Hard Head

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