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Hamish Fraser takes home the Cougar Blue

Hamish Fraser takes home the Cougar Blue

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cambridge climber (kiwi, ex-Melbourne) Hamish Fraser won today's Open Masters Challenge in the oaks at Monte Cecelia Park, Auckland taking home the Donahys Cougar Blue kindly donated by event organizer Matt Glen. Other prizes were provided by Treetools.

Cougar Blue is a prototype Donahys rope currently under development and jointly designed by world number one, Scott 'the legend' Forrest and well-known Melbourne-based tree climber Grant Cody.

Matt Glen's Open Masters Challenge attracted tree climbers from as far afield as Taranaki and the Waikato.

Matt does a fantastic job in organizing these unique events; selecting the trees, seeking permission, setting the challenge, preparing the event arena, gaining sponsorship and topping it all off with marketing and promotion.

As is typical of the Open Masters Challenge there was plenty of time for idea exchange, mini-workshops and general socializing.

Treetools will post pictures taken at today's Open Masters Challenge over the next few days.

Hamish Fraser

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