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Hamilton Rigging with the Port-A-Wrap workshop sells out!

Hamilton Rigging with the Port-A-Wrap workshop sells out!

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, October 08, 2010

Yet another Pro Climb 'Rigging with the Port-A-Wrap' workshop has sold out. The Hamilton workshop, scheduled for Saturday 9 October, is the second-to-last in a series of regional rigging workshops organized by New Zealand's leading rigging trainers.

These hands-on, practical workshops are usually presented by Pro Climb's head trainer, Rossy Ross but for tomorrow Rossy will be joined by Drew Bristow from DB Tree.

Rossy and Drew also worked together on the first Rigging with the Port-A-Wrap workshop held in Auckland during July. This inaugural workshop generated so much interest Pro Climb decided to take the concept nationwide - at this stage North Island only.

The final North Island workshop in the Port-A-Wrap series will be in Hastings on Saturday 16 October. Book now if you are interested - positions are filling fast - contact Pro Climb direct!

Drew Bristow and Rossy Ross presenting the Rigging-with-the Port-A-Wrap workshop in Auckland during July.

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