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Italian-made GriSport safety boots added to range

Italian-made GriSport safety boots added to range

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, May 28, 2012

According to the GriSport adverting blurb 'comfort' was the Italian manufacturers focus when they first started making safety boots back in 1977. Treetools customer feedback to date tells us the GriSport safety boot do meet that objective.

Treetools decided to add GriSport following customer requests for the boot. Boots represent a significant investment for most arb companies so value for money is a key driver. GriSport are reasonably priced for Italian quality.

The GriSports Colossus and Hercules are steel toe cap only - they do not offer chainsaw protection. But they are good value; Italian made from premium Dakar leather, steel mid sole (for wearing climbers) and toe cap, padded toe (for reduced chaffing at the toe) and low profile bump cap… and comfortable to wear.

All the GriSPort boots feature the patented GriSport Support System which cradles the foot around the heel to help reduce heel roll and the chance of a twisted ankle.

A number of Auckland companies already have their staff in GriSport safety boots and by all accounts they seem to be standing up to the rigors of tree work.

GriSport safety boots

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