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Good Rigging Control System (GRCS)

Good Rigging Control System (GRCS)

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Last week we blogged about the Pro Climb Rigging Bollard developed in New Zealand by Andreas Ross (Rossy). This generated quite a level of interest and numerous customers have asked about alternatives to the Port-A-Wrap for application in rigging situations where they need to more than just lower wood. The Portable Winch is one option but the Good Rigging Control System offers another solution.

The GRCS is built around the Harken 2-speed, selftailing yacht winch (Harken is well known in yachting circles as the best equipment on the market). With gear reductions of 22:1 in high gear and 44:1in low gear a single operator can lift over 900 kg. The winch accepts 13 - 20 mm lowering lines and the self tailing feature holds the rope under tensionnegating the need for second operator (a standard winch requires one person to hold tension and one to crank the handle). This means a single operatorhas the ability to raise large limbs away from rooftops, pull split trees together for cabling or pull over large trees - quickly and efficiently withminimum effort.

The GRCS locks to the tree, similar to Rossy's bollard and has a plate for attaching the winch or you can add a separate aluminum bollard (rope brake).It is hollow so you can pack ice inside to stop rope glazing in extreme lowering situations and it accepts rope of any diameter. This unit is extremelyversatile and an excellent addition to any rigging kit.

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