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GRONELL Tango tree climbing boots

GRONELL Tango tree climbing boots

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, November 10, 2009

GRONELL Tango boots were specifically developed for tree climbing arborists and are popular in the European Tree Climbing Competitions. They sport a full carbon fibre shank running the length of the sole much like a stiff mountain climbing boot. Once you get a toe hold its like standing on a step!

The stiffened shank also makes foot locking that much easier. The rubber on the sole and toe section is very tactile and grips cambium like nothing else. But they are not safety boots - that is they offer no chainsaw protection.

GRONELL is an Italian company that started making technical climbingboots back in 1937. They consider themselves true craftsmen and, according to their website, every boot is made with 'passion and enthusiasm'. You justneed to hold a pair of these Tangos in your hand to see what they mean. Slip them onto your feet and you will want to own a pair.

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