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Friday 13 ATRAES Tree Climbing Masterclass

Friday 13 ATRAES Tree Climbing Masterclass

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, February 20, 2012

You have to admit, a tree climbing masterclass held on Friday 13, featuring two of the world's greatest practical jokers, Joe Harris and Scott Forrest, sounds like a piss take but Brad Bowden tells us this West Australian masterclass is for real!

Joe and Scott will present a one-day Tree Climbing Masterclass, sponsored by ATRAES, the day before the Western Australian TCC in Perth. And yes, the date is Friday 13 April.

The workshop is designed around the events of the West Australian Tree Climbing Championship (held on the following two days) to show how modern climbing techniques can make tree work safer, faster and more energy efficient - this will be a brilliant day of learning!

2012 WA TCC organizer Jeremy Thomas is also looking for volunteers to help with the competition scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, 14-15 April.

Kiwi arborists - if you are planning a trip to west aussie this would be the weekend to do it!

Thanks to Brad Bowden for this lead.TCC Workshops

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