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Four kiwi qualifiers for 2012 ITCC in Portland, Oregon

Four kiwi qualifiers for 2012 ITCC in Portland, Oregon

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Following James Kilpatrick' Asia-Pacific TCC hat trick over the weekend, New Zealand has four qualifying tree climbers in the upcoming 2012 ITCC in Portland.

Scott 'the Legend' Forrest returns as current world champion, James Kilpatrick now represents the Asia-Pacific Region leaving a position open for Ross Kite to represent New Zealand.

Women's world record foot lock record holder, Nicky Ward-Allen also returns as winner of the women's 2011 New Zealand National TCC.

As far as Treetools is aware Scott, James and Nicky are definitely attending the Portland ITCC in August. Ross Kite's position only became available over the weekend so we are not sure of his intentions at this point.

For those of us who cannot make it to Portland to cheer on our kiwi competitors, iClimb have sent through the link below - its the budget way to see the city but well worth a view.

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