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Format set for Dunedin Arb Festival splicing workshop

Format set for Dunedin Arb Festival splicing workshop

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Registered participants in the Splicing Workshop, scheduled to coincide with the 2010 Labour Weekend Arboricultural Festival in Dunedin, will be sent a 5.0m length of rope in both double braid and 16-strand prior to the event.

Each length of rope (double braid and 16-strand) should be spliced with a 400mm eye at each end and brought along to the workshop. Apart from providing a point of reference during the workshop itself, the splices will be tested (to destruction) by Cookes in Dunedin.

The workshop, led by Menno Kluiters and Jelte Buddingh, is sponsored by the NZAA, Otago Polytechnic and NZHITO . Keep up to date with information on Facebook.

Find out more about the Labour Weekend Arb festival here .

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