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Follow Treetools on Facebook

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, June 30, 2011

At the risk of 'information overload' Treetools is now on Facebook !'Like' us please!

The Treetools Blog has a huge number of readers worldwide. Most of these readers are very active on the media front. They provide Treetools with a wealthof tree climbing and tree care information including links, videos, photographs, snippets of information etc… all on a daily basis. Due to timelimitations (for researching each blog post) a lot of this data never makes it to the blog.

That's where Facebook comes in. Some 'Treetools-on-Facebook' information will be a repeat from the Treetools website but most of the Facebook contentwill be short titbits of information that might be of interest to tree climbers. This includes newly loaded Treetools products, special pricing, recalls,how-to videos etc… so it will be well worth 'liking' us of Facebook to be involved.

The Facebook link is available on every Treetools web page (you'll find it in the bottom right hand corner). Click on the link; if you are already onFacebook you'll be asked to log in, if you are not already a Facebook user this is your chance to join.

Then 'like' Treetools and get underway reading all the behind-the-scenes, inside information.

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