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First issue hard copy of Arb Climber available now

First issue hard copy of Arb Climber available now

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The first issue of Arb Climber arrived this afternoon instore - there is nothing like the smell of fresh ink! Copies of Arb Climber are available now for immediate delivery.

As far as we know Arb Climber is the first aerial arborist magazine ever. And readers should be very happy with the content which includes loads of product reviews on saws, rope software and hardware, the DMM Impact Blocks and a range of PPE.

Specialist topics like Aerial Rescue written by world-class climber Josephine Hedger and editor Ade Scott, Rope Tricks with Jeff Jepson and the comprehensive Arborist Harness Review is also guaranteed to keep you occupied for some time.

Just looking through the ads is almost worth it!

Arb Climber Issue 1

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