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First aid kit for pig dogs

First aid kit for pig dogs

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yes! First aid for pig dogs! Treetools is not a hunting website but we do get plenty of hunters as customers, particularly for fine tooth Silky saws, the Corona root saw and Quik Clot.

A number of hunters have asked about stitch-up kits for their dogs - an angry boar can do a fair bit of damage in a few minutes and dogs are vulnerable - so Quality Safety has developed this first aid kit specially for mending your dog in the bush. It includes: suture, saline solution, iodine wipes, cohesive bandage (only sticks to itself not the dogs fur), combine dressing, wound dressing and latex gloves all contained in a first aid pouch. Retail price: $35.00

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