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Falteimer rules in the cube wars

Falteimer rules in the cube wars

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, November 24, 2011

For years now climbers have complained about the price of the Faltheimer throwline cube. Every new offering to enter the market is received with great enthusiasm by climbers, especially the less expensive options… but none seem to be as robust as the original.

Treetools sells three different throwline cubes at varying price points, each designed with the climbers budget and requirements in mind. If you are not using your cube all that often the Stein Cube will suffice, Petzl Eclipse accommodates the mid-market and Falthiemer rules the roost.

The failure point on all the throwline cubes is the same: the spar and corner connecting points. Even the Petzl Eclipse with its circular frame (no corner points) weakens at the spar joints and collapses over time.

The Faltheimer seems to be the only cube to stand up to the rigors of everyday tree work - but you have to pay for this longevity. We are not sure why Faltheimers are so robust but it is certainly worth the investment if you are using a throwline cube everyday.

Rossy Ross from Pro Climb is field testing an Australian made fold-up cube which looks like it might have similar properties to the Faltheimer… but only time will tell - more on this new 'cube' later.

Faltheimer Throwline Cube

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