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'Expressions of Interest' at Open Masters Challenge

'Expressions of Interest' at Open Masters Challenge

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, November 01, 2010

Have a look at the story-telling facial expressions in the slide show below - we almost don't need to write much more about Saturday's Open Masters Challenge!

Matt Glen organized a couple of fantastic climbs for the 'competitors' in this fun event. The Work Climb featured a very high limb tossstation, with some climbers balancing precariously (lanyarded in) on the branch to complete the toss and the limb walk tested everyone's skills.

Following the Work Climb the Open Masters tree proved to be a challenge. Matt Glen was the only climber to complete all stations in the allotted time.

Events like to Open Masters Challenge offer a unique environment for tree climbers to test their skills, share ideas and techniques and to meet up withlike-minded people without all the pressure associated with official tree climbing competitions.

Thanks to Matt Glen and all the climbers who 'competed' including Isao Kayano for traveling up from Hamilton specially for the event.

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